The Blessing of the Animals

What do frozen bees and misunderstood wolves have in common? Both have found warmth and respite from this cruel world in St. Francis of Assisi. And who’s that? Why he’s the patron saint of animals of course.

It just so happens that this Saturday, if you have an affinity with a non-humanoid creature from the Animal Kingdom you may bring them to the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to have them blessed in the name of old St. Francis. Yes’m, right inside the Cathedral.

Has your cat spent 8 lives already? Your pony has an unlucky shoe? Worried about your rooster catching that flu? Or, if you just want to keep them safe and spiritually sound, bring your beloved beasts along. There’s plenty of room in the Ark.

My dog Floss and I will be there, and I’m hoping there’s tea afterwards. Maybe an assortment of squares? …Animal crackers?
It all starts this Saturday, September 30th at 2 pm in the Anglican Cathedral. Fish, fin, fur and scale from all denominations are welcome.

– Diana Daly