Such Nice Youth CD release party

Their name: Such Nice Youth
Their motto: Be awesome!

    “After deciding that our city needed more hot shit,” proclaims Such Nice Youth’s bio, “we formed a band that was the best thing St. John's has ever heard!”
    We tried to ask them what they meant, but they responded using telekenesis and hurtled stuff at us at dangerous speeds.  “Such Nice Youth” indeed.
    This timid fourtet make music for the apocalypse, but it’s a fun, almost-danceable apocalypse.
    Almost an “apocalypso”.
    They have two CD launch parties this weekend. You should go.

(Friday, July 7 @ The Alternative w/ I Am a Wild Party and Errand Boy, $5. Saturday, July 8, All-ages show @ St. Andrew’s Hall w/ Judge Dread, Cherie Pyne and Band, Bank Robbery, Skullface + Others, $5.)