Spanner: Night Music #50

Night Music has been bringing this city a monthly dosage of structure mixed with chaos since 2002. Rob Power (percussion) and Paul Bendzsa (woodwinds) have been improvising together as Spanner since that same year. The duo will be the anchor band as the Sound Symposium sponsors its 50th Night Music.

For the uninitiated: What happens at night music depends on who shows up. After the band plays their set, anyone is free to get up and improvise. Spanner have some instruments you wouldn’t have thought you’d ever get your hands on, so it’s a good month to check out.

Spanner have recently been nominated for an ECMA for best instrumental recordings of the year, a subject which Power could only describe as a strange circumstance. As for Night Music, it’s recently moved to an earlier time (9:30PM sharp!) and Craig Squires, the organizer of the event, says that he’s “been toying with the format.” No word on what that might be, but knowing the history of the Sound Symposium and Night Music, the changes are sure to be weird and interesting.

Night Music w/ Spanner, Greg Bruce, Christine Ganglehoff, Adam Staple. Improvisers welcome, 9:30pm sharp, $4, The Ship

– Dan Murray