Rowdy Blues

We know, we know… you’re feeling shitty because you can see summer disappearing over the hill and you haven’t gotten as down and dirty as you would have liked. Beelzebub hasn’t even truly had the chance to tempt your soul.

Blues locals Scott Goudie, Peter Narvaez, Denis Parker and John Clarke want to make sure you both get your chance. They’re pulling out their harps and guitars for a one night tour down to the crossroads, where they’ll be firing up some classic Piedmont (finger picking), some gritty Delta (slide guitar) and some Chicago style.

“If ya got a mule kickin’ in yer stall or yer mojo just ain’t workin’,” says John Clarke (aka Slide Guy) “Come on down and we’ll set ya straight!”

Of course, this show isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak-willed. If you find yourself overwhelmed at the show, just back away slowly. Don’t run, or make eye contact. Remain calm, head straight home to momma, and you’ll be fine.

Rowdy Blues will take place at the Fat Cat this Friday, October 6.

– Elling Lien & Bryhanna Greenough