Revenge of the Debutantes

Saturday has been marked on your social calendar for weeks now. Another young lovely in your township is about to have her ‘debut’ as an eligible women in society. Or so you think. But better read that invitation again. This is no Debutante’s ball, this is “The Revenge of the Debutantes” – A coming out party of thriller-style zombie dancing, beautiful ladies in gowns, alter-ego bands, 1950s romance, tragedy, and murder.
Oddly Enough, featuring Jeff Baggs (guitar/vocals), Philip Goodridge (vocals), Thea Morash (vocals), and Lynn Panting (bass/vocals) are guaranteed to be grinding the genres, while blending their voices in four-way harmony.  They do a celebrated En Vogue cover and promise a delightful soundtrack of hot trax and pumpin’ mixes. So to speak.
Jane Austen is dead and the Fifties are over, but zombies… are forever.

Check out Oddly Enough along with Rockin’ Jeffy B. and the Bagg-tones, Geri Hollett, Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale at The Ship this Saturday.

– Bryhanna Greenough