Punk Rock Prom 2006

Out of the firey ashes of Punk Rock Prom 2005 rises Punk Rock Prom 2006!

This might very well be your last opportunity in 2006 to slamdance in semiformal dress.

Or maybe it isn’t.

…But you don’t want to take that chance! Carpe Diem and watch The Nordic Beat, Swords, Trailer Camp, and Children of Eve rock out at the St. John’s Curling Club this Friday. Dance in the prom dance-off. Pose with your date for a professional prom photo by Tony Dawe. Run for prom king or queen. Eat the prom finger food.

All ages. $8 admission. Tickets are available in advance at Fred’s Records and Ballistic. If there are remaining tickets, they will be sold at the door.  Semi-formal dress required or at least strongly encouraged.  Email James March for more information: james@junkmeh.com.

– Elling Lien