Nickel Scavenger Hunt

We know your type. There’s a part of you that needs to pick blueberries every August. And although the berries are tasty, it’s the act of picking that satisfies you.
Back in the city, you can’t look a garage sale in the eye without feeling a powerful urge to stop.
On the way to the corner store, a cardboard box perched on the curb is full of who-knows-what and is calling your name.
Celebrate your inner Gatherer and let it run wild while engaging in some heavy-duty lateral thinking at the Nickel Scavenger Hunt.
The Nickel Film Festival posse has designed a game where you and your team (accompanied by your own vehicle) will be given a riddle whose answer leads to a destination. At the destination you will find your next clue, which will lead you further into the game. If your team gets really stuck, you can call the Question Phone Number for clarification. The first team to collect all of the riddles wins a grand prize. And, of course, fame! Glory! Beer!
The hunt takes place on the eve of Tuesday, Dec 12, but to participate you must register by Friday, December 8th. Find out more by calling 576-FEST or visit
– Bryhanna Greenough