Lucinda Williams Tribute

“The difference with Lucinda is that she’s an artist, not an entertainer.”  – Dub Cornett

The daughter of a poet and a piano major, Lucinda Williams straddles the best of both world. She just plain gets it.
And this weekend, local singer-songwriters Sherry Ryan and Jill Porter, along with a bunch of their friends, will give us their version of the Grammy winner’s expansive body of work. Hard to pin down, Williams has been scolded by the music industry as being “hard to market” because she refuses to edit, cut and change her songs for radio play and marketing purposes. Her high standards for songwriting do us all a favor by giving us songs such as “Lonely Girls”, “Steal Your Love”, “Over Time” and “Bus To Baton Rouge”.

So spin your own car wheels down your own gravel road this Saturday, Oct 21 to the Ship Pub. It’ll be a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a whole lotta fun.

– Diana Daly