Jimmy Swift Band

The Jimmy Swift Band has played 200+ shows a year for the past three years. That’s like a show every 1.8 days. Or every 43 hours. People I know take showers less often.
But such is life if you’re a jam band.
JSB have found a place not only in the clubs and taverns across the US and Canada, but they’ve also been moving through the summer festival circuit, headlining Evolve (Antigonish, NS) and PEI’s Shoreline Festival.
Although I’m no authority – I’ve never seen them live – I have good faith they put on an energetic show and know exactly what to do to get the crowd going. Rumor has it a 7-string bass guitar is involved in the act.
Go to this show so that the next time you’re in the shower, you can think of the JSB. They’ll likely be doing a sound check in an altogether different town than the last time you showered.

The Jimmy Swift Band will let loose at Junctions this Friday and Saturday night. An All Ages show is schedule for 4pm Saturday, also at Junctions.

– Bryhanna Greenough

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  1. Mike MacDougall · April 26, 2011

    I know this is late but we’re not a jam band… I don’t know what the fuck we are but it ain’t that… thanks for the plug though. You should really come see us.