Jigger’s last gig ’til…?

Jigger are ready for you. Are you ready for Jigger?

Jigger’s Geoff “Bastard of 69” Younghusband has been rocking the hell out of St. John’s since way back (you do remember The Parasite Drag, Fur-Packed Action, Jupiter Landing, Potmaster, and Potbelly, don’t you?). Now he’s taking off to Halifax and leaving this berg bereft. But not without a proper send-off.

Asked for a few words to describe the Jigger experience, the Bastard himself offers this:

“Jigger are heavy like lead. Jigger’s songs are hook and release. Jigger sustain your soul like the food fishery. Jigger are an independently owned small boat in a sea of pleasure craft and factory freezer trawlers.”

Rock and marine industry metaphors, in one deadly package.

Jigger w/ Local Tough and A Select Few. Friday night at Distortion (above Roxxy’s and CBTGs). 5$.

–  Andreae Prozesky


  1. DeeBee · April 19, 2011

    Everyone should come down to Distortion Friday night, ’cause the JIG is gonna be up for the last time ’til…next Spring? Either way, the guys bring the heavy pop rawk and stage energy a-plenty. They have a unique sound all their own and the experience to back it all up. Let’s have a rock n’ roll party. Don’t be shy!


  2. bastardof69 · April 19, 2011

    Thanks for all who came out last night and to the Scope for making us the Hot Ticket. And thanks to St.John’s, my city, my love, my band. I’ll be back.