Injector Fly

If you missed Injector Fly: Part II when it buzzed the Sound Symposium back in July, you missed one of the weirdest, intricate and enjoyable shows of the year. And I know you carry a burden of regret.

Well you can finally cast it off this weekend when a large St. John’s indie-rock cast and crew pull out their bestest, brightliest-painted papier-mache costumes and switch all their lights to "Dazzle".  The Injector Fly odyssey, Part I of which crawled out of Danny Keating’s strangely-wired brain at a Peace-A-Chord a few years ago, is described by Keating as " multimedia..and.. the..imagination."

For part II in July, The Origin of the Sound Band, the aural pushers in this psychedelic rock opera, threw down candy-flipping sounds so sweet that if sustained a moment longer, would have caused the entire Ship to break out in ecstatic dance. Let’s make sure it happens this time around.

Origin of the Sound Band’s Rock Opera "Injector Fly" is set to descend this Saturday (Aug 26) at 2:50am. (Yes, 2:50 in the morning.)  A mere 5 bucks gets you in to a whole evening of music, performance & art-making as part of Eastern Edge Gallery’s 24-Hour Art Marathon. Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive.  

– Bryhanna Greenough