Indian Classical Music Concert

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced one of the ever-popular, oh-so-delicious, home-cooked East Indian fundraising lunches at the St. John’s Hindu Temple. Well, now they are inviting the general public to enjoy another treat at the temple: live North Indian classical music.

India’s Satish Vyas will be playing the santoor—a dulcimer type instrument of about a hundred strings played with wooden sticks—and Vineet Vyas, from Truro, Nova Scotia, will provide rhythm with the tabla (drums).

Vineet says about 90-95% of their music is totally improvised, but it follows a raga, a certain melodic progression which is specific to the time of day.

“Everything happens through inspiration,” he says. “It’s somewhat of a spiritual journey… and if you have an audience which is receptive, it pushes you farther to please.”

Not sure how to show your appreciation for Indian Classical music? If there’s a real connoisseur who knows about Indian music in the audience, Vineet says you might hear them expressing appreciation with a hearty, “oh-wa!” But for the rest of us, this is definitely a get comfortable, sit back, and let the sound wash over you sort of event.

Indian Classical Music Concert: Santoor & tabla w/ Satish Vyas & Vineet Vyas, Sunday June 3, 5pm, $10/$15, Hindu Temple 753-2918.    

— B. Greenough