Hot tickets

A few of our picks of the fortnight.

Edible books! Prize for best hat! Contest for person most looking like royalty! It’s a celebration of the 8th International Edible Books High Tea at Eastern Edge Gallery (Sun Mar 30)

International Food & Craft Fair: Great food, music, and dance. 11am-6pm, $5 / children under 12 free, Holiday Inn (Sun Mar 30)

Mystery Jam Party with MYselph The Large Animal, Live n’ Direct, DJ Yelow, DJ AVP plus a locally shot urban snowboarding video at The Breezeway ((Fri, Mar 28)

Break out your gold medallions & bandanas, Jimi Hendrix Tax Free tribute is set to shake up the Fat Cat. (Fri, Mar 28 & Sat, Mar 29)

The Apple & The Tree and Sweets make for a tasty double bill of new theatre both written and produced right here in St. John’s. (Wed, Apr 2 – Sat, Apr 5 at LSPU Hall)