Hot tickets for Sept 13-27, 2007

Some of our picks of the fortnight

Pure Animal Magnetism
Reveen! Famous! Hypnotist! &! Illusionist! Returns! (Sep 24 – 25)

Double time
New Brunswick indie rockers Grand Theft Bus play an afternoon show with Hey! Rosetta at MUN’s Breezeway then hook up later that night to rock CBTG’s with the city’s communist-sympathizing rock group The Kremlin. (Sep 15)

The Musicians 4 Musicians show will celebrate local talent by the likes of Rick Lambe, Allan Ricketts, The Chad Murphy Trio, The Rosalines, Denielle Hann, Mark Bragg & Sherry Ryan. (Sep 15)

Camp & Release
Trailer Camp release their CD into the city’s wilds with a little help from Mercy, The Sexton & Maggie Meyer. (Sep 15)

Definitely not imperial
Time to move two square feet to the Metric (Toronto indie rock) beat. Or something. Go and we’re sure you’ll figure it out. (Sep 16)

Don’t call it a comeback
BA Johnston will have you lusting after bedroom deepfryers and movies about cannibalistic underground-dwellers. If you’re talking to him, don’t mention squirrels. (Sep 21 & 22)

Genre bending
Transgendered new folk musician Rae Spoon and poet and genre defying musician from PEI Tanya Davis are coming to St. John’s for the first time. (Sep 21 – 25)

Long time local rockers King Nancy are releasing a new CD at The Rock House. (Sep 22)

Election 07
Every Saturday Rabbittown Theatre Co will be hosting a weekly comedy wrap-up of all things provincially electoral. (Begins Sep 22)

Seasonal switcheroo at The Rooms
At The Rooms check out the new William Hind exhibit from his 1861 adventure up the Moisie River. (Opens Sep 14) If you plan it right you can still catch Brian Jungen’s giant whale skeleton made of plastic lawnchairs before it’s disassembled. (Ends Sep 16)

Grease the narrows! More big boats headed this way!