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BC singer-songwriter Ferron was once described as the Johnny Cash of lesbian folk singing, and an early album cover featuring a profile shot of Ferron dressed in a stiff black collared shirt holding a guitar may conjure images of a certain same Mr. Cash, but she has her own distinct musical style.

“Rough-hewn voicing,” and “chewy phrasing” are some of the ways her singing/songwriting talent has been described.

Ferron has been on the go as a singer-songwriter for a few decades now, and has been credited as an influence to Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls. Her 1990 album even featured back up vocals by a young Tori Amos.

On this tour Ferron is showcasing material from different stages of her career as she re-releases of some of her earlier work.

She and special guest Amelia Curran have the Hall booked for Saturday, Dec 8th, 8pm. Tickets are $25 (plus $1 for LSPU Hall Bldg Fund) and can be purchased at LSPU Hall or The Travel Bug, 155 Water St. For more information on the workshop (Sunday, December 9), please contact Gerry at 726-3472.

—Bryhanna Greenough

They say one is the loneliest number and two can mean double trouble. I’ve also heard that three’s a crowd. But four—four-of-a-kind usually takes the pot.

Four is also the magic number for the fourth annual fundraiser for c2c theatre. Here’s the thing. Four writers are given the same first line, along with two props and 12 hours.

And four directors get four scenes with four actors and 12 hours. The result is an event hosted by Neil Butler, while featuring live music by George Morgan.

The local equation includes Kay Anonsen, Lois Brown, Glenn Downey, Amy House, Mack Furlong, Andy Jones, Greg Malone, Bernice Morgan, Ed Riche, Des Walsh, Mary Walsh & Kathleen Winter.

So come on December 9th at 8 pm and bring, umm… 3 of your friends. Cause you know, you + 3 = 4.

4Play4 is happening December 9th at 8pm at LSPU Hall. Tickets are $25
(plus $1 surcharge for LSPU Hall Building Fund). For ticket reservations call the Hall @ 753-4531.

—Anna Kate MacDonald