Hot Ticket: Worldwide Photo Walk – October 5

#say #what #youwantaboutit. #But it can hardly be denied that #Instagram and its ilk have been the #great #democratizers of #photography. Any fool with a phone can fiddle with a few knobs and dials and put their colour-adjusted, pre-filtered snaps out into the world. So then what’s left for the real photographers? The people with six lenses, a professional lighting setup and an encyclopedic knowledge of Photoshop? Luckily, there’s social events like the Worldwide Photo Walk, which takes place in downtown St. John’s (and in hundreds of other cities around the world). Actually, the Photo Walk invites both veteran photo-hawks and beginners alike. Participants will have an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and scour historic downtown St. John’s for the perfect photo. Registration is at and there are prizes for best shots. The Photo Walk is on October 5.