Hot Ticket: The Titanic – April 1 & 12 to September 30

On April 15th, 1912 Kate Winslet dangled over the edge of the RMS Titanic, arms upwards, and cried, “I’m flying, Jack!” Okay, that’s not true, but it’s one the first images conjured up when the Titanic is mentioned. In actuality, the sinking of the Titanic remains one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters. It’s especially significant for Newfoundland, where the first distress calls came in. To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of its sinking The Rooms museum will be displaying Titanic artifacts that washed up on Newfoundland shores at “RMS Titanic: Relics of Disaster” from April 12 to September 30. MUN’s History and Maritime Studies department will also be hosting a lecture called “World’s Largest Metaphor Sinks Iceberg: A Titanic Timetable” on April 1 at 3:30pm in MUN-A5014.