Hot Ticket: The Final Countdown – December 31

The Wobbly Pops

Man, what is it about New Year’s? It should be fun, right? A champagne-buzzed chance to blow a kiss at the inexorable march of time. But all too often it’s 12:05 and you’re sitting alone on the George Street steps with mascara streaks on your cheeks and your “Happy 2002” tiara sitting forlornly askew in your hair. Or maybe that’s just me. This year you can save yourself the headache and head down to the Rock House for The Final Countdown—it’s a no-brainer. Ring in the new year with The Wobbly Pops, Cafeteria, and The Texmestics. It’s a night of superluminaries and supergroups. The Wobbly Pops is a musical doz-box consisting of Jud Haynes, Mathias Kom, Mark Bragg, Katie Baggs, and many more. Though the band is usually known for tailoring their sets to suit special events like Halloween shows and fake proms, Wobbly Pop Mathias Kom says this show will be a bit different. “Considering the NYE vibe is usually just party with a capital P, we just get to play the most fun songs ever. No slow jams!”

Doors open at 10pm. Tickets are $20 and are available at Fixed.