Hot Ticket: The Disappeared – Opens April 19

The sea is simultaneously a provider and a thief, and for those who make their living on the waves, this yin and yang is a constant companion. Shandi Mitchell’s 2012 film The Disappeared, starting a two-week run in local theatres this month, explores this knot of a paradox as its central theme. The film tells the story of a shipwrecked fishing vessel, and its crew of six who cling to life in two dories, adrift and lost. Hundreds of kilometres from land, the men must band together to grope their way home through the flux and fury of the North Atlantic. Mitchell’s acclaimed film was actually shot at sea, rather than in a controlled tank, lending the film an atmosphere of utmost authenticity. Two actors from the province — Labrador’s Shawn Doyle and Newfoundland’s Brian Downey — star in the film. Screenings start April 19 at Empire Theatres.