Hot Ticket: Tall Tale Story Slam – October 30

Is there nothing better than a hot cup of Tetley with a heaping plate of story? As part of the 10th Annual St. John’s Storytelling Festival, Kelly Russell will be hosting a story slam around the theme “Smokeroom on the Kyle,” honouring the famous vessel (which is celebrating its centennial this year) and the epic poem penned by Kelly’s father, Ted Russell. Participants get five minutes each to woo the crowd with their fresh storytelling style, and winner takes all (which, in this case, is 150 bones). Do your best Grampa Walcott impression and see if you can tell a tale, so tall by half a mile. Yarns will be spinnin’ on Wednesday, October 30 at the Ship Pub. Admission is $5. Sign up 8:30pm, show starts 9pm.

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