Hot Ticket: Sting – June 26

A quick listen to a top-40s radio station today will tell you a couple of things. First, marketing wonks (that’s what they call producers now, right?) will apparently take any opportunity to insert a dubstep break, and second, there’s a major Police revival underway. You know, with those calypso sounds, reedy male vocals, and so forth. Well, Sting is just The Police minus the brilliant beatmaking of Stewart Copeland and that other dude who wrote the easiest track on Guitar Hero. In his latter years, Sting has strayed away from the infectious new wave that rocketed The Police to superstardom, preferring instead to release album after album of obtuse New Age stuff. But hey, it’s Sting! He’s bringing his worldbeat arsenal to Mile One on June 26. Tickets range from $69.50 to $124.50.