Hot Ticket: People of a Feather – January 7 to 10

Photo courtesy Joel Heath

Despite its misleading name, the common eider is an amazing bird. It’s capable of flying at speeds in excess of 100km per hour, and its feathers are the warmest on the planet. The large, warm-feathered sea ducks play an integral role in the lives of the Inuit of Nunavut’s Belcher Islands, both as a food source and for the protection against the bitter winter that their supercharged down provides. Filmmaker and scientist Joel Heath made this relationship the subject of an award-winning documentary that was seven years in the making. People of a Feather features stunning time-lapse footage of the arctic ice, documenting the lives of the fascinating inhabitants of these remote islands. The film also looks at the impact that industrial megaprojects are having on the region. “Given both the Lower Churchill and Muskrat Falls projects on the table in Newfoundland, this is also very timely and of direct relevance,” Heath says.

People of a Feather has four showtimes a day at Empire Theatres. Joel Heath will host a Q&A session at the 7pm screening on January 7.