Hot Ticket: Parlour Song – Sept 14 to 16

Suburbia, with its uniform façades, trim lawns, leafy lanes, and slowly percolating sense of existential desperation, has become an increasingly rich milieu for authors and playwrights to toss their characters and stage their dramas. And it makes total sense in a way—that sort of paint-by-numbers sterility is the perfect petri dish for the cultivation of personal manias and petty spites. Jez Butterworth’s darkly comic Parlour Song, presented by C2C Theatre, is part of this burgeoning literary tradition. It features Ned, a demolitions expert who loves watching video playback of his best blasts, and Ned’s wife Joy, who is understandably weary after eleven years of marriage.

C2C’s production stars Colin Furlong, Sandy Gow, and Rory Lambert, and is directed by Todd Hennessey. Tickets are $22 and the play is staged in The Basement Theatre.