Hot Ticket: Paper Beat Scissors – October 3 & 4

Photo by Nick Wilkinson

If the genre hypernym “indie folk” is enough to make you jab chicken skewers into your eardrums lest the glib, dirt-stached navelgazings of Marcus Mumford et al should profane your discriminating earholes, don’t worry: Paper Beat Scissors ain’t like that at all (although yeah, it bears mentioning that the band is best classified as indie folk). Paper Beat Scissors, the moniker of Tim Crabtree, is living proof that there is life after Mumford. Crabtree is a Haligonian who originally hails from Lancashire, England (thus explaining the accented vocals). PBS’s songs are sincere and passionate. They’re the type of songs where with a mere guitar and a set of vocal chords, the performer can hold a room spellbound. Trust us on this. Paper Beat Scissors plays two dates in St. John’s before heading off to Europe: Fixed Coffee & Baking on October 3, and The Ship on October 4.