Hot Ticket: Pantera Tribute – January 26

Because St. John’s is pretty much an unreachable speck on the edge of a monolithic landmass, the reasons to start a cover band here are many. Sometimes it’s to give drinkers at the divebar a familiar soundtrack for getting their drink on. Sometimes it’s to tide fans over until their favourite act makes the long journey to our shores. And sometimes, it’s because the band is never coming, ever. This is the case for Pantera, whose guitarist Dimebag Darryl was sent to the great grow-op in the sky when he was shot and killed onstage by a deranged fan in 2004. Regular People is a Pantera tribute band composed of the cream of the local metal scene. They’re playing with Dirty Dollar Bills for Leaves, a tribute to Alice in Chains, and The Cartridge Family.

They’ve got you covered at the Rock House. And cover is $8.