Hot Ticket: Oslo, August 31st – Thursday, Nov 22

Anders Danielsen Lie in Oslo, August 31st (Strand Releasing)

Meet Anders, a 34-year-old Norwegian writer who’s spent the last year of his life in rehab.

Oslo, August 31st is a snapshot in the album of his recovery, one day back in a city that is both familiar and foreign to him. Anders leaves rehab for a day to pursue a job opportunity back in his hometown but ends up revisiting some of his old haunts and old flames, triggering existential upheaval.

The award-winning film directed by Joachim Trier offers a glimpse at the personal battle addicts face to overcome the massive void addiction leaves when starved. Upon its release, the film received widespread praise for its unflinching and honest exploration of addiction and the struggle to move past it.

Oslo, August 31 is part of MUN Cinema Series and plays at Empire Theatres at 7pm. Tickets are $10, or $9 for students and seniors.