Hot Ticket: Occupy Words in Edgewise, December 14

For its 21st installment, Words in Edgewise, the informal, performance-based lecture event, will feature talks and discussions about the Occupy movement. Iain McCurdy will offer up a first-hand account of the eviction of Occupy Wall Street in NYC. Justin Brake, an occupant in the Newfoundland movement, will talk about how changing day-to-day activities can help to create the empathy lacking in our society today. A lively and in-depth discussion will follow. The pay-what-you-can event runs at 8pm at Eastern Edge Gallery at 72 Harbour Drive.

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Wok and roll

Of all of their Wok Box franchises, the St. John’s location is the busiest one.

4 November 2010

  1. Mark Stacey · November 4, 2010

    Really looking forward to this event, I know first hand that Eian, Justin, and Thomas are all great speakers.

    If anyone’s interested, you can find more info here:

    The Facebook event can be found here: