Hot Ticket: Nikki Payne – Thursday, Nov 15 to Saturday, Nov 17

When life handed Nikki Payne lemons in the form of a cleft palate at birth, she turned the resulting lisp into the most improbable lemonade: Stand-up comedy gold. Payne’s raunchy, irreverent comedy is so peppered with S’s that the splash zone at her shows has basically the same breadth as a Gwar concert. So, while you might want to show up in a poncho, you’re not going to want to miss Payne’s St. John’s dates.

The Nova Scotia native is a dominating force on the Canadian comedy circuit, having netted three Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Female Stand-up in the course of her career.

Payne plays three nights at Uptown at 8:30pm. There’s also a late show at 11pm on Saturday. Call 726-3463 for ticket info.