Hot Ticket: Knit it Out, Ongoing

Photo by Flickr user tsuacctnt

Knitting need not be lonely endeavor. Several knitting circles around town offer the chance to meet fellow knitters, exchange ideas and technique, and show off your latest masterpieces to an appreciative audience.

Knitters and crocheters meet at the Anna Templeton Centre on the last Sunday of each month. At The Rooms, knitters meet on the 3rd floor atrium Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm. The Astral-Knots knitting group meets every Tuesday at 7pm on the ground floor of Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food. And Jenny Metler, owner of A Good Yarn on Bates Hill, offers an open invitation for knitters to join her and her dogs Bessie and Franklyn for an informal drop-in knitting jam. You can find the NL knitting community online at