Hot Ticket: Hayden – June 5

Hayden Desser likes to tell a story at his concerts about how once he was playing a gig in [insert miscellaneous Canadian town here: let’s say Winnipeg], and he happened to notice that the promo posters for the show were billing him as “The King of Mopecore”. That’s the first thing you’ve got to understand about Hayden: His tunes may be sad, but the man himself is charming and hilarious. His live shows consist alternatingly of tracks from his, it has to be said, depressing oeuvre and him recounting hilarious stories like how Starbucks customers complained about his song “Woody”, which was anthologized on one of their compilations. (The punchline is that “Woody” isn’t about boners, it’s about his cat who leaves for a few weeks every spring to get laid.) Hayden’s been a key member of the Canadian indie music scene since 1995 and has a remarkably solid catalogue to show for it. Check him out June 5 at the Rock House. Tickets are $27.99 in advance, and $32.99 at the door.