Hot Ticket: Cubicle Life, May 5 to June 16

For six weeks Calgary-based performance artist Stephen Mueller will be spending about 155 hours encased in a glass box (made of two-way mirrors so we can see him but he can’t see us) transcribing the words “I miss you” in braille on an endless strip of paper, dissecting the strip, and rearranging the pieces into glass dishes.

Mueller’s performance isn’t a lament for anyone in particular, rather, for many differernt types of moments from his past. The actual transcribing, dissecting, and rearranging in a performance art context is symbolic of a the ways we make sense of our lives. Something that helps us overcome fear and anxiety of death and carry on living.

Please Don’t Go opens with a reception May 5 at 3pm at Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive.