Hot Ticket: Cape to Cabot – October 16

From North America’s easternmost edge to the city’s iconic promontory, Cape to Cabot is a race of superlatives. It’s 20 grueling kilometers over thigh-burning, knee-jarring hills and inevitably wet asphalt (‘cause let’s face it—it’s October). It bills itself as the “toughest race in eastern North America,” and there’s no question C2C is only for the most stout-hearted runners. 400 racers will compete not just for glory, but for the right to say they completed this insane course without collapsing into a heap in Shea Heights. The race goes October 16. Visit for race and registration info.


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

Shoulda built all the big office buildings on the bluff with the Rooms and Basilica, Woulda given everyone, residents and workers, an amazing ocean view, Coulda painted the Southside Hills oil tanks like row houses. Wake up City Council, you have an amazing canvas to work with and your f@&%ing it up! Rant by Skip

17 October 2011

  1. Elling Lien · October 17, 2011

    The weather for this is notoriously shitty. I remember waiting to for my brother to finish on the top of Signal Hill and the weather was doing everything short of tornados and ball lightning.


  2. Sarah Smellie · October 17, 2011

    Gee, Elling. Thanks for that.

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