hot live undead

Looking for parties to celebrate the ‘We’en? Here’s what we could dig up by press time.

Crazy dance party
Rattle your bones to Mopaya’s afrobeat and reggae out with The Discounts at CBTGs. They’re going to be giving away CDs and a $100 bar tab. “Plus,” says Neil Conway of The Discounts, “if the weather is right something crazy might happpen.” Hopefully not crazy as in Psycho. (Fri, Oct 26) Costume tip: something non-flammable

Karaoke Kostume
Karaoke is a lot like Hallowe’en—a special time when you can pretend to be something you’re not. (Fri, Oct 26) Costume tip: avoid polyester

Release the hounds of hell!
Halloween show with Dog Meat BBQ and The Groovy Shitheads at The Ship. Bring it! (Fri, Oct 26)
Costume tip: vegetarians beware

George Street Mardi Gras
Who cares if it isn’t really the day before Ash Wednesday? With a Guns ‘n Roses tribute band on Friday and an AC/DC tribute band on Saturday, does it really matter? The biggest costume contest in the city happens here on the Saturday evening—the bars select the winning costume in each one, and the finalists go head-to-head on the main stage for a chance to win up to 1500 bucks. Forget the pancakes—this Mardi Gras is about other things. See Music section for complete line-up. (Fri, Oct 26 & Sat Oct 27) Costume tip: find a good one.

Halloween Glow Climb
Costumed climbing at Wallnuts climbing gym (Oct 27 & 28.) Costume tip: don’t wear tight pants

Fur da kids
Kids can see why bats, owls, crows, spiders & witches’ brooms aren’t scary once you get to know them at MUN Botanical Garden. (Sat, Oct 27 & Sun, Oct 28) Costume tip: don’t wear the same thing you wore to Liquid Ice.

Dusk of the Dead
Get your costume ready at the Evil Edge Gallery. Bring your own supplies and a record or two for the death jockey to play. (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: go big or go home

Get your freak on
Spooky music, dancing & costume contest at Bitters (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: there was a Skeksi last year—maybe a Gelfling?

Bella Bash
Halloween at The Bella Vista with Traces dance band. (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: ghost of Stanley’s Steamer’s past

Scared? 8
DJ Paulo Cardoso of Helsinki will be the one spinning the house and electro, and the dude painting bodies will be Matt Henebury. Costume contest first place winner takes home 200 bucks, 100 for the runner-up. Liquid Ice. (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: anything reflective or white.

Twilight Zone
Halloween bash with prizes for best costume & best drag at The Zone. (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: bandages or padding.

Halloween Costume Party Show
Catch them if you can: Catcher, AE Bridger Band & Melaena at Distortion (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: Gingerbread Man?

With serf-lords The Kremlin and Trailer Camp at CBTG’s (Sat, Oct 27) Costume tip: join the party, wear red.

Costume surf turf wars?
Dress-up surf rockers The Satans play Roxxy’s on the big day. (Oct 31) Costume tip: break out the sin, baby!

Halloween hootenanny
Heavy bands and some electronic sounds—The AmusiA Project, Blank Tapes, Geinus, and Kill Popoff. “$3 cover or free if you’re soaked in blood..or a zombie.“ (Wed, Oct 31) Costume tip: use fake blood.

Dig em up!
Dig up the Dead at Turner’s Tavern (Wed, Oct 31) Costume tip: gravediggers have feelings too.

Digging the Dead
Halloween Bash featuring fire tricks, magic and hula hooping. The Franklin Hotel/The Last Drop (Oct 27) Costume tip: the human torch

All ages Halloween show at the Royal Canadian Legion on Blackmarsh. We Bite (Misfits Madness), Dig Up The Dead, Judge Dread, First Offence, Defeated, My Childhood Sweetheart Is An Axe Murderer Now (Ex-Plan 13, Crooked, Brat Attack) (Nov 3) Costume tip: hopefully the fake blood will have dried by now.