Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted by Stuart Pierson

In 2001 when he passed away, historian and literary critic Stuart Pierson left behind a wealth of writing on contemporary Newfoundland culture. Pierson engages on several levels: as an historian concerned with getting the details just right, as a well-versed reader, and as a lover of art – high and low. To illustrate his thoughts, he turned to Spaceballs as quickly as he turned to Isaac Newton.
Written with a combination of simple eloquence and wit, the essays compiled in Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland pour over the pages of Wayne Johnston’s fiction, listen intently to the song lyrics of Ron Hynes and the poetry of Mary Dalton, and peer closely at the paintings of Christopher and Mary Pratt. It’s a book everyone truly interested in contemporary Newfoundland culture would find a joy to read.

A launch for Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted (Flanker Press) will happen on Saturday, Nov 11 from 7pm-9pm at Star of the Sea Hall. Editor Stan Dragland will be present to read and sign copies.

– Bryhanna Greenough and Elling Lien