Giddy Up! or a Darn Good Hat Act

Kitschy flea market collectibles of the painted-black-velvet and cap-gun-and-holster variety mix unapologetically with framed commissioned art in a shrine to all things cowboy.

But be warned, to merely follow your fancy around the gallery may leave you feeling a bit short-changed. What helps give this exhibit form is the little brown chapbook (look for it on the seats). You won’t find an artist’s statement or the words of an expert between its pages, but you will find a fascinating and personal history of the curiosities in the exhibit. It infuses them with meaning and life.

As part of the exhibit, an old black & white NFB film takes you along the Alberta badlands. The ‘old days’ of cowboys in fringed buckskin, handling half-wild horses. You can see the big, unpolluted sky, the untouched land, the beauty of the horses, and courageous men breaking them… The stuff cowboy myths are made of.

Giddy Up was created by Canadian artist and writer Andrew Hunter and some works were commissioned by William Eakin. You can see this exhibit at The Rooms gallery until October 29. Giddy up.          

– Bryhanna Greenough