Get Wize

Have you ever listened to reggae and thought it was just a little too slow? Like half as slow as it should be?
Well, you’re in luck, because starting this month, you’ll be able to hear the drum and feel the bass of jungle music every week at Pulse. The night will feature steadfast local mixing talent Russtafari, Mr. Low, and Azrael behind the wheels of steel.

Azrael says he wanted to provide an alternative to what is currently going on in the local clubs. To provide more of a “boom-ka-tikka-tikka” to the current state of “boom boom boom.”
To the unaccustomed listener, drum & bass can be a bit jarring, but DJ Azrael promises the night will ease club-goers into the phenomenon. Starting with reggae, then gradually pushing the faders up to ragga jungle and drum and bass.
“We thought it would be a nice bridge …and it reflects the roots of the music. Drum and bass is really the raggamuffin of electronic music.”

Get Wize will take place every Wednesday night at Pulse (next to O’Reilley’s on George). Cover is free!

   – Elling Lien