Get in the Van

If only going on tour were as easy as getting a van, stuffing it full of gear and musicians and high-tailing it off the island to play a string of well-attended shows in cities you previously only knew as dots on a map…

SOCAN, Music NL, and NL Musicians Association are plotting a new free seminar to teach Newfoundland’s musicians how to tour more successfully.

The seminar will address topics such as festivals and showcases, promotional materials, contracts, grants, live performance royalties and tales of life on the road. And in perfect form, they’re loading up their own caravan with artist managers, a Canada Council touring specialist, industry reps and performers such as Dan Kershaw, Mark Bragg and Dennis Parker to tour spread the word across the island.

“I managed to bust a tire one time,” says Mark Bragg, “and we were trying to jack up the vehicle on an angle and we had to push the car for some reason to squeeze the spare tire underneath. It came crashing down on its axle and it was 4 o’clock in the morning of a Tim Horton’s in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty bad for morale, so to say.”

So, he says, “Know how to change a tire.”

The Get in the Van Tour happens in Cornerbrook (April 26), Grand Falls (April 27) and at The Ship in St. John’s on Saturday, April 28 at 4pm. It is free.

– Bryhanna Greenough