Fresh Faces

Blue Island Records has quietly carved out a niche for itself as a label devoted to new and exciting folk and traditional music with a worldly, almost experimental twist. This Saturday, October 28, the label mounts the second instalment in its Fall concert series, a special presentation of “Fresh Faces” in the traditional scene, specifically those of Fergus Brown-O’Byrne (21), Allan Ricketts (18), and Charlotte-Anne Malischewski (15).

You have probably noticed these faces already, either at the Folk Festival, O’Reilly’s, or maybe the last time you were in Ireland one of them was touring there. Each has amassed a résumé so dense with accomplishments, it makes me wonder again just what the heck I wasted my youth doing. If you also are prepared to start living vicariously through younger and more talented people, Fergus, Allan and Charlotte have their fiddles, accordions, banjos, and bouzoukis ready to waft you sonorously away to that private dreamland. They will be playing a spirited mixture of Newfoundland and Irish tunes, with even a little bit of klezmer (Charlotte-Anne’s specialty) thrown in for good measure.

The Fresh Faces concert is this Saturday at 8:00pm at Gower Street United Church; tickets are $12 in advance from Auntie Crae’s, O’Brien’s or Fred’s, and $15 at the door.

– Jonathan Adams