Free Comic Book Day

Sunday, May 5th will mark the sixth annual Free Comic Book Day. The formula has stayed the same since the beginning: it’s one day a year when comic stores have comics that you can take for free. The idea is to promote comics and hopefully win over a few new readers. Each year there are specific issues released just for the occasion, so don’t run into the store hoping to fill your duffle bag with every comic in sight. Some are full sized issues while others are collections of what a particular publisher has to offer. As usual there is a wide array of comics available from both the major and independent publishers for a diverse audience.

But what do the shops do with the free comics when the day is over?

“We’ll bundle up all the leftovers and give them to the Janeway or the Pen,” says Bob Hong, owner of Timemasters. “Now that’s a captive audience! Especially for the boys down at the Pen – they love to read about Batman fighting crime, eh!”

Free Comic Book Day is taking place on May 5th. Downtown Comics, Sword ‘N’ Steele and Timemasters are participating in the event. Stop by any time during their hours of operation to pick up your free comics (but be sure to look at the other merch too!)

— Dan Murray