Erika Werry

“Throw out your love and it won’t go far/ Beauty’s in the scars”

With serene acoustic melodies and pleasantly hypnotic vocals, Erika Werry knows how to win your heart. Originally from Toronto, she’ll be rekindling her love of the sea with a few dates across the island, including a few performances here in St. John’s. Her dream-like, romantic sound is something you really have to experience live. The music, as her bio states, is largely inspired by her travels and studies of music, dance, and literature.

“[Erika’s music] jumps through the speakers in a way that makes you wonder why it took until now to hear about this fresh new Canadian talent,” says fellow musician Jake Chisholm. “The music is honest, original, and uplifting.”

A promo version of her new album “Time On Our Hands” will be available for early purchase, as well as her 2004 debut “Nothing Clearer Comes”.

You can see her tonight (Thursday) w/ Jill Porter at Roxxy’s at 10pm, or Friday w/ Sherry Ryan, The Ship, $5 cover, 10pm.                                              

– Sean Ridgeley