Eddie: Iron Maiden Tribute

Why should you love Iron Maiden? Let me count the ways…

1. They put on legendary no-holds-barred stage shows involving fire, make-up, magicians, fake blood, and a Guinness-record-breaking PA system.

2. During their Number of the Beast tour in the 80s, frenzied Christians reacted by burning records and accusing Iron Maiden of making ‘the Devil’s music.’ Then, to mess with heads, the band recorded a backwards-playing message on one of their albums.

3. Their current drummer claims to be Christian, but reportedly likes to play the  song “The Number of the Beast”, which he sees as a warning against Satanism.

4. Iron Maiden hold the record for being the fastest release straight into number one and straight out of the charts again with their song  “Bring Your Daughter… …To the Slaughter”.

If St. John’s cover band Eddie (named after Iron Maiden’s demonic mascot) is possessed with any amount of the awesome force of Iron Maiden, you’re in for a revelation. Like the Book of Revelation. For Realz.

Eddie’s Tribute to Iron Maiden goes down at Club One on Thursday, February 8. Advance tix are $10 and $15 at door. Check out myspace.com/maidennl for info.

– Bryhanna Greenough