East Coast Tour of Professional Psychics

According to the people at the East Coast Tour of Professional Psychics, "fortune telling is the world's second oldest profession." Their 13th Annual Psychic Fair comes to the Holiday Inn this weekend, showcasing palm readers, specialists in the paranormal arts, clairvoyants, numerologists and more.
    This year's event features a Reiki master who offers massage, as well as information about holistic and spiritual health.  Reiki is a technique similar to the laying on of hands in which "life force" is channeled through the practitioner's palms to heal specific parts of the body.
    Rumour has it that The Scope's own Madame Lyra Togos may attend. We sense that you may too.

(The Psychic Fair happens 2pm to 10 pm, Friday, July 21; 11am to 10pm, Saturday, July 22; and 11am to 7pm, Sunday, July 23, at the Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Road. Call 722-0506 for details.)
– Lesley Thompson & Ben Jackson