Drive By – The Machine

John Rao and Michael Blanchard like to use the motto “we manufacture happiness.”

This time they’ve teamed up to titillate you with hyper-coloured flowers, modern dance moves and visuals rendered by the beauty-loving Machine who asks, why spend hours in front of televisions, computers and pre-fabricated forms of entertainment when there is so much beauty around us?

Drive By is inspired by fashion photography, the intense color and detail of Pre-Raphaelite art, the energy of pop art, and movie posters.

With multimedia sleight of hand, a collage of photos, video screenings and digital images will merge. Alongside, in three dimensions, Robyn Breen will dance and The Kremlin will rock on.

If it sounds too wild, don’t worry. Rao insists Drive By is crafted to be viewer-friendly to people of all ages and backgrounds.

One night only. Friday Sept 29 at 8pm at LSPU Hall. Prices $5/$7. Call 753-4531 for advance tickets.

– Bryhanna Greenough