DJ Deko-Ze

We live in a land where bands rule supreme and a DJ set isn’t usually considered a special musical event. But we challenge you to go see Toronto’s Deko-ze on the decks this Saturday night at Liquid Ice. …Even if you’re one of those "I like all kinds of music except country and dance music"  people.

Known as Canada’s hardest working DJ, last year Deko-ze was proclaimed Best Four-on-the-floor DJ by Toronto’s NOW magazine. This is his return visit to St. John’s to celebrate the release of his mix CD Delicious on Hi-Bias Records.

With an engaging stage presence and an energetic mix of tribal, electro and funky house, Deko-ze is going to set to the dance floor on fire. Literally. …There will be flames! Coming out of the dance floor!

Well, maybe not literally, but it’s going to be hot! So bring flame-retardant clothing if you have any. Otherwise, just wear some comfortable sneakers.

Get down with DJ Deko-ze, DJ Leo Van Ulden, DJ Batty + DJ Kevin Penny on Saturday Aug 26 at Liquid Ice. Tickets $15 – $10 (before 1am)        

– Bryhanna Greenough and Elling Lien