The return to popularity of melodic hardcore has brought a smile to my face, and St. John’s is being treated to some this weekend as Portland, Oregon’s Defect Defect come to town. They’ll be ripping it up twice in one day with catchy punk tracks and rock’n’roll guitar moves.

Michael Phillips, the promoter of this show who also brought the Regulations to the city last year, said “they killed when I saw them last year!” and is just as excited to see the band play a second time.

For punk rock fans young and old, it’s time to get out and see an up and coming band who are hailed for their great and energetic live shows.

While their seven inch on Clarence Thomas Records (entitled “Yeah, I’m a Terrorist”) may not make the best Mother’s Day gift, Defect Defect are a band not to be missed.

Defect Defect play an all ages show at Distortion with STN (Carbonear), Cause and Effect, Skull Face & Others and Crusades (3pm. $7) and a bar show at Turner’s Tavern with Such Nice Youth, Are You Phobic? And Swords (10:30pm. $6) on Saturday, May 12th.

— D. Murray