Critical Mass

There is a myth in St. John’s that the hills and valleys are what keep the cyclist population down.

The steep hills are one thing – but the craterous potholes, the absence of bike lanes, and the horn-happy motorists that treat cyclists like drunk, escaped cattle are enough to make you slash your own tires.

Critical Mass is a celebration of cyclists and the self-propelled, where dozens, hundreds, or thousands of folks get together for a group bike ride. It started in San Francisco in 1992 and has now spread to hundreds of cities worldwide.

Since 2004, the St. John’s Critical Mass bike ride has been taking to the streets declaring, "We’re not blocking traffic. We are traffic!"

Critical Mass takes place on the last Friday of every month. It leaves from the Colonial Building by Bannerman Park at 6pm. This Friday, August 25, bring your bikes, boards, bells, helmets, horns and hearts.

– Lesley Thompson and Ben Jackson