CBC Celebrity Soccer Match

Here’s something a little different: a sporting event that will include Snook, Buddy Wasisname, and Mark Critch having to actually look intimidating to another team. Soccer is the name of the game, and hilarious is what it will be to watch Olympic gold medalist himself, Brad Gushue, kick around a ball alongside weatherman Karl Wells.

And who wouldn’t come out to see Sexy Rexy looking all athletic in a pair of shorts and cleats? I personally can’t wait to see Krysta Rudofsky and Colleen Power add some girl power to the game. Other star sightings will include CBC’s Jonathon Crowe and Jeff Gilhooly.

July 8th is CBC’s “Soccer Day in Canada,” which is a national celebration of soccer. There have been five sites chosen to be part of CBC’s national broadcast for the day, and St. John’s is one of them. The aforementioned will be going up against the St. John’s All Star Boys & Girls Under-14 team and it could get messy.

Kevin Blackmore—also known as Buddy Wasisname—says the celebrity team doesn’t stand a chance.

“It’s gonna be awful humiliating going down to defeat because of the townie talent they’ve enlisted,” he says.

Admission is a cash donation, and all proceeds are going to SportNL’s KidSport, a children’s charity set up to help kids participate in organized sport. So come on down and watch your favourite local stars get creamed by some All-Star kids for a good cause.

Game will start at 4:00pm, this Sunday, July 8th on King George V Field (near Quidi Vidi Lake). Cash donations will be accepted at the gate.

— Emilie Bourque