Butler’s Marsh

Butler’s Marsh is a harmless looking patch of trees on Bell Island. But ask around and you’ll hear stories. Disturbing stories. Fairy stories?

In Robert Chafe’s unsettling two-person show, Nora sets out to find some rational explanation for her mother’s disappearance in Butler’s Marsh some thirty years ago. Accompanied by her antagonistic boyfriend, Nora is a little lost at first, but is eventually led to the disturbing truth.

The play was originally produced by the RCA Theatre Company in 2001 in the safety and comfort of the LSPU Hall. Now She Said Yes! is remounting it in the woods, in the dark.

I’m scared already.

Written by Robert Chafe, directed by Danielle Irvine and featuring Sara Tilley and Mark O’Brien.
Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 pm (sharp) ‘til August 19th. 1 hour 20 minutes.

Meet at Pippy Park Headquarters. Bring $10 cash, situpon (no chairs, please), blankets, whatever gets you through the night. Put a crust of bread in your pocket to keep the fairies away.

– Erin Whitney


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