Bucket Truck’s last waltz

May 19th will mark a special night for 5/6ths of Bucket Truck. The group will be performing their final show at Junctions that Saturday. The night before they will be playing their last all-ages show.

Singer Matt Wells, who has traditionally served as the spokesman for the band, says it’s a sad time for the band but “it’s just time – we feel that Bucket Truck has run its course.” The good thing is there’s no drama between the members, and they’re hoping the shows will provide some memorable closure.

“It’s going to be more than just two shows for us,” says Matt. “It’s the last time we will load gear, do soundcheck and be together as Bucket Truck, and the last time we will all be in the same city for a long time – no words can describe how that feels.

“It will be the most depressing, fucked up way to have a fun weekend I can think of.”

Bucket Truck will be playing alongside Children of Eve and many others at the Paradise Rec Center on May 18th, 5:30 to 11pm, $5. Open to all ages. The final show will be at Junctions, 11pm, May 18th, $6, 19+. Also performing are Halifax band Shelter With Thieves and Lindsay Barr.

— S. Ridgley