Birds! Birds! Birds!

Don’t you hate it when you see a cool looking bird and you creep up to get a better look and just when you get close, it flies away? It’s like its saying ‘So long jerk! I’ve got wings and you don’t. Cheep cheep!‘ Well, you should check out these three exhibits at The Rooms.

From wild chickadee to domesticated chicken it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get your hands on something soft and feathery at Our Feathered Friends, an interactive exhibit from The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

And if you want to see and learn about birds who call Newfoundland and Labrador home, check out Birds! Birds! Birds! Here you’ll find guillemots, gulls and gyrfalcons – which happen to be the preferred bird of falconers. By learning to distinguish birds through their physical characteristics and come to understand aspects of their behavior no doubt you’ll soon be a bird watching machine.

In Hummingbirds of the Americas (Sherbrooke, Quebec), you’ll get to see over 50 different species of the sweet little buggers suspended in time. Fly away now, will you??

Hummingbirds of the Americas and Birds! Birds! Birds! (February 1) are open, and Our Feathered Friends opens February 2. A special feeder-making and birdie orgami session are scheduled for Sunday, Feb 4 at 2pm-4pm.

– Bryhanna Greenough